TOA Canada’s Corey Mugford Accomplishes CTS Certification

TOA Canada has announced that Corey Mugford, a significant member of its technical department, has achieved the title of Certified Technology Specialist. CTS holders at all levels of certification have demonstrated exceptional audiovisual knowledge and skills.

"At TOA Canada, our staff aspire to improve their AV knowledge on a regular basis; working towards and capturing the CTS designation exhibits their drive to be better for themselves and our customers," the company states. "Corey has shown an ability to take on technical challenges and thrive. Along with his recent CTS undertaking, last year he became an Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, immersing himself in the world of cloud computing."

"Corey has become an integral part of our technical support team and has regularly received praise for the assistance he provides every day," the statement continues. "He continues to grow at TOA Canada and we are very fortunate to have someone like Corey who displays dedication and strong work ethic with a desire to provide the correct answer to our team and our customers every time."

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Andrew Leyenhorst is the Assistant Editor for Professional Sound and Professional Lighting & Production, and related online channels.
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