Techni+Contact Now Distributing UNITEK USB Hubs & Extensions

Techni+Contact Canada has announced that it is now distributing UNITEK product solutions in Canada. UNITEK is a manufacturer of a wide range of solutions from USB storage, video and network adapters, USB hubs, cables and extensions, USB chargers, AV accessories, and mobile accessories.

Standard USB cables are limited as to the distance they can span. With engineered extenders, such as the UNITEK products, this can be overcome so the devices do not need to be so close in relation to each other. This added flexibility for the installation means devices can be placed out of sight, such as under tables, behind displays, in cabinets, or anywhere you can run the USB cable.

Plus, since the signal is digital, it also has a reduced chance of encountering interference and ground loops. Care must still be taken when running cables in walls and ceilings to meet code regulations and standards.

For more information, reach out to Techni+Contact: 1-866-320-9451,,

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Andrew Leyenhorst is the Assistant Editor for Professional Sound and Professional Lighting & Production, and related online channels.
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