Sennheiser to Reposition Business Units; Professional & Consumer Divisions to Operate Independently

Sennheiser plans to focus on its Professional division in the future and aims to secure a partnership to strengthen the market position of its Consumer Electronics division. With this decision, Sennheiser aims to continue on its course to build greater independence for its business units.

“In our Professional and Consumer divisions, we have four business units in total: Pro Audio, Business Communications, Neumann, and Consumer Electronics. In all of these areas we see great potential for growth. At the same time, they are characterized by different customer groups, customer requirements, product life cycles, and market dynamics,” says Andreas Sennheiser (pictured right), co-CEO of Sennheiser.

“To be best able to exploit the potential in each of these markets, we are concentrating our own resources on the three business areas in the Professional division and are looking for a strong partner to invest in our Consumer business," adds Daniel Sennheiser (pictured left), co-CEO of Sennheiser.

Talks with potential partners will start shortly.

The company has outlined its goals as follows:

Strengthen the market position and increase visibility in the Consumer business

The headphone market and the soundbar business in Consumer Electronics offer great growth potential – despite a highly dynamic market and strong competitive pressure. This is especially the case for the true wireless headphone market.

“Our products are known for the best sound and for delivering a unique sound experience. These crucial aspects are at the heart of the purchasing decision for our customers in the Premium Headphones, Enhanced Hearing, Audiophile, and Soundbars segments," explains Daniel Sennheiser. “These are the strengths that we want to work with a partner to build upon.”

Focus on development of Professional business

A partnership for the Consumer business enables Sennheiser to place its focus and resources on strengthening its Pro Audio, Business Communications, and Neumann business units.

“Whether in the studio, concert hall, conference room, or auditorium – in the Pro world, Sennheiser stands for a superior audio experience, the highest reliability and the best customer understanding,” says Andreas Sennheiser.

Here, the company plans to independently invest in its sound competence as well as in its market presence and visibility.

Repositioning for a successful future

“All business units are to emerge strengthened from the planned repositioning. With a strong partner at our side to invest in our Consumer business, we will be even better equipped to play to our strengths – and to continue to bring the benefit of these strengths to our customers,” says Daniel Sennheiser.

Andreas Sennheiser adds: “For over 75 years, Sennheiser has stood for excellent technology and unique audio experiences. In doing so, we always focus on the needs of our customers. And we will continue to do so in the future.”

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To read the full release from Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, click HERE.

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Andrew Leyenhorst is the Assistant Editor for Professional Sound and Professional Lighting & Production, and related online channels.
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