Pure Groove & Danley Partner On Nightlife & Music Sound Systems

[![Damien Murphy](/content/images/2014/03/15-DamianMurphy-300x200.jpg)](/content/images/2014/03/15-DamianMurphy.jpg)Damien Murphy
Pure Groove Systems has announced a partnership with Danley Sound Labs to create a series of sound systems targeted at the nightlife and music industries.

“Danley Sound Labs bring an unrivaled level of audio technology and experience,” says Damian Murphy, founder of Pure Groove Systems. “I have never heard anything that comes close to the power and quality of their sound systems. I am confident that these systems will set the new standard for the industry.”

For more information, contact Pure Groove Systems: 323-982-9588,

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Michael Raine is the Senior Editor at Professional Sound. He is also a co-host of the popular Canadian Musician Radio weekly podcast.