Networking & Network Talk At Disney

Today is the final day of InfoComm13, and it started with an early-morning alarm clock reminding (forcing?) be to get to the Convention Centre for 7 a.m. to meet with Bill Coons and his team from Optocore North America, who had invited a number of consultants, integrators, TDs, media personnel, and the like to tour behind the scenes of the American Garden Theater at Walk Disney World.

The theatre itself is rather impressive – an outdoor auditorium with a capacity of over 1,000 but a lighting and audio rig reminiscent of one you’d find in a space several times that size. This summer alone, it’s hosting shows by some relatively big acts – Air Supply, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Boyz II Men, and even the mmm-boppers themselves, Hanson.

For the last few years, the theatre has been employing a redundant Optocore fibre ring that replaced the previous copper cable runs. The staff onsite had nothing but good – or rather great – things to say about the improvements, which, after a tour of the FOH, “monitor beach,” and amp room, we had the chance to hear first-hand, A/Bing between the two infrastructure. The difference was apparent indeed.

It was a great networking opportunity for all involved – a group of passionate people from various states, provinces, and professions; not to mention an opportunity to see parts of one of the world’s most famous entertainment destinations.

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Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief at Professional Sound. He is also a co-host of Canadian Musician Radio and NWC Webinars’ series of free music and entertainment industry webinars.
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