Dynaudio Implements Significant North America Management Changes

[![Andrew Werdean](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Andrew_Werdean-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Andrew_Werdean.jpg)Andrew Werdean
[Dynaudio](, the Danish high-end loudspeaker specialist, and its newly appointed CEO for North and South America, Andrew Werdean, has announced a number of key promotions, a new hire, extension of the Dynaudio reseller network, and strategic initiatives designed to build the company’s presence and improve the customer experience.

Werdean, who previously served as vice president of sales for the company’s North American business, is a CE leader whose 30 years of industry experience includes work with well-known manufacturers such as RTI, Klipsch, and Jamo, as well as the establishment of two successful installation companies. In leading the Dynaudio sales efforts, he has focused on extending the company’s integration business while overseeing marketing and product management.

“All of these amazing changes will prepare the company for extensive sales growth for years to come,” says Werdean. “While we’re making significant additions across management, we’re also preparing a pipeline of innovative product releases. All of these factors will help Dynaudio maintain its position as a major player in the U.S. — and throughout the Americas.”

[![Michael Manousselis ](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Michael_Manousselis-e1499448457499-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Michael_Manousselis-e1499448457499.jpg)Michael Manousselis
Dynaudio’s Michael Manousselis has been promoted from his position as Director of Marketing for North America to Vice President of Operations, North and South America. Manousselis has been with the company for 22 years, and in his new role he’ll continue to manage marketing activities along with the day-to-day operations at Dynaudio’s Glenview, IL, headquarters in the U.S. Manousselis is working closely with Werdean to implement and execute initiatives supporting Dynaudio’s growth strategy in the Americas.

“Dynaudio is experiencing tremendous growth worldwide, and we are thrilled about the changes being implemented in the Americas to facilitate future expansion,” says Manousselis. “The broadening of our sales organization and the addition of an innovative series of custom installation models to our traditional high-end loudspeaker product ranges have enabled us to bring Dynaudio’s quality, performance and craftsmanship to a much wider customer base and build a greater market presence for the brand. We truly look forward to the challenge ahead and to the myriad opportunities presented by existing Dynaudio models and the next-generation products under development in Denmark — products that will bring Dynaudio into new market segments and product categories.”

[![Brian Kjaer](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Brian_Kjaer-e1499448541659-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Brian_Kjaer.jpg)Brian Kjaer
Brian Kjaer, who previously served as Dynaudio’s Sales Director for the Western U.S., has been named Senior Manager, Dynaudio Academy, and will be spearheading Dynaudio’s education and training programs for North and South America in his new role. The Dynaudio Academy functions as the core of the company’s product training portal. The online portal utilizes articles, videos, and presentations about the company and its products, featuring information and resources on technology and application topics, as well as the latest news on all Dynaudio-related education and training events now being offered in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Kjaer will also oversee key partner programs and new initiatives, such as the company’s Ambassador dealer program and manage participation at key trade shows and regional events across the Americas.
[![Greg Ransom ](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Greg_Ransom-225x300.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-Greg_Ransom.jpg)Greg Ransom
Greg Ransom is replacing Kjaer as Dynaudio North America’s Western Region Sales Director. Ransom has three decades of industry experience — largely in the Western U.S. — in roles as the owner of a retail audio/video installation company and in senior sales positions for companies including Klipsch and Onkyo.

Additionally, Dynaudio is building its partner network. Audio Americas, a well-known CE sales rep firm headed by Matthew Garfein and Sean Goldcamp, will now represent Dynaudio products across Latin America. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Audio Americas boasts a product portfolio featuring some of the world’s most prestigious consumer electronics brands. The company has built a stellar reputation by ensuring superior service, focused strategies, and state-of-the-art quality control and delivery systems.

[![Matthew Garfein & Sean Goldcamp](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-AudioAmericas_Garfein-Goldcamp-300x225.jpg)](/content/images/2017/07/Dynaudio-AudioAmericas_Garfein-Goldcamp.jpg)Matthew Garfein & Sean Goldcamp
“We are honored and delighted to represent Dynaudio and its impressive portfolio of products,” said Matthew Garfein, Audio Americas Founder and President. “Over the coming years, we will work diligently to establish Dynaudio partnerships with leading high-end audio dealers throughout the Latin American region.”

Dynaudio’s rapidly increasing presence in North and South America complements the company’s launch of a new range of custom installation in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker models, along with next-generation Dynaudio premium high-end loudspeaker products designed for the specialty hi-fi and home theater markets.

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