Adamson Expands Its Management Team

[![(L-R) Adamson's James Oliver, Benoit Cabot, Brock Adamson & Marc Weber.](/content/images/2016/07/Adamson_Management2016-300x206.jpg)](/content/images/2016/07/Adamson_Management2016.jpg)(L-R) Adamson’s James Oliver, Benoit Cabot, Brock Adamson & Marc Weber.
Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer Adamson Systems Engineering has announced an expansion of its management team at their global headquarters in Port Perry, ON. Benoit Cabot is promoted to Director of R&D while Marc Weber joins in a director capacity to launch a new Product and Brand management division. They join Director James Oliver to continue the strengthening of a young leadership team that has been instrumental in the increased visibility of the brand, according to the company.

“Our product vision has endured generations and we’ve  built a management team that will lead it through many more,” explains Brock Adamson, founder and president of Adamson Systems Engineering.  “We’re driven by engineering and the production of high performance systems; not a corporate obsession of satisfying a group of investors. Our young leadership has been tasked to maintain this focus while our company rapidly expands.”

Cabot has been under the mentorship of Brock Adamson for more than 10 years. He has been instrumental in refining many of Adamson’s patented designs that lead to the E-Series and S-Series systems.

“Brock seeks truth in everything he does. When it comes to design we have never settled. I’m looking forward to helping lead this growing team as we realize more integrated, user-friendly systems that continue to lead our industry in performance,” says Cabot.

Former d&b audiotechnik product manager, Marc Weber, joins the team in Canada to lead the newly created Product and Brand management team. It has been designed to sharpen Adamson’s brand perception in the market and strengthen the connection to its user base.

“Our focus will be to improve the overall user experience in cooperation with our partners. The development and delivery of a cutting edge global training program will allow us to better share our technical knowledge with our users, optimizing the performance of our loudspeakers in the field,” says Weber. “Adamson products already are specified on many global tour riders and we will build on this success, widening the Adamson offering and bringing this high level of performance to new applications.”

During Marc’s 17 years with d&b he was responsible for the establishment of their global service network, created the 48-hour replacement service, and specified and launched key products like the R1 Remote control software and the d&b D80 amplifier. He also serves as chairman of the marketing workgroup for the OCA Alliance.

To support Weber’s customer-driven mentality, Application Engineers Brian Fraser and Jeremiah Karni will form the nucleus of the Product and Brand management team. “Brian and Jeremiah have spent the last four years in the field applying our technical knowledge and, in turn, learning from our users. From performing arts installations through mobile stadium deployments they have seen Adamson products at work. Brian will drive new products and the workflow of current systems. Jeremiah will turn his focus to the development and delivery of a cutting edge global training program. To support this growth, further central application support will be added.”

“I think our customers have already felt the impact of our renewed focus,” concludes Brock Adamson. “In the coming years this management team will continue to grow our system offering to meet the standard Adamson has set in the industry.”

For more information, contact Adamson Systems Engineering: : 905-982-0520, FAX 905-982-0609,

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, and Professional Lighting & Production magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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